We Are Loving Target’s Body-Positive Dear Jeans Campaign

Finding a pair of cute, comfortable jeans is difficult for all women, no matter their size or shape. Target knows this, so the popular retailer created the extremely body-positive Dear Jeans campaign. Five women, including model Barbie Ferreira, actress Megan Batoon, and DJ Brittany Sky wrote powerful letters to their jeans. The Target models let their jeans know the "ups and downs, the feels, [and] the struggle" of finding a great pair. We all wear jeans for different reasons — and these ladies are no different. "You have the ability to make or break the looks of my derrière, but you can also be super-comfortable," Ferreira wrote in her letter.
Writer Alexandra Elle said that she wears jeans to "celebrate herself in a way that makes her feel confident about the day." Each woman has a different struggle when trying to find an amazing pair of jeans. "Every time I go in a fitting room to try on a pair of jeans, I have to jump into them until they're on," Batoon said.
Yet, a great pair of jeans is a rare find that each woman can appreciate. Vlogger Dulce Candy said, "I like jeans that accentuate my body." Ferreira loves flare jeans. Batoon prefers high-waisted jeans. No matter what, jeans fill these women with confidence, which is what it's all about. Ferreira sums it up best: "Looks change, they fade; but your positivity, how you carry yourself, is forever."

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