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You Won’t Believe What Varys From Game Of Thrones Looks Like IRL

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Despite his shady ways and creepy tactics, Lord Varys has become one of our favorite characters on Game of Thrones. Westeros' most renowned eunuch is known for his massive network of spies. Not to mention those dramatic capes, his rapport with BFF/frenemy Tyrion Lannister, and his low-key shade. But the character is perhaps most recognizable by his round, shiny, lovable bald head. In fact, we can't imagine the Spider looking any other way. And yet — AND YET. At San Diego Comic-Con, actor Conleth Hill...well, he let his hair down. And we were SHOCKED.
Photo: Rob Latour/REX.
Varys has a thick, beautiful, flowing head of hair!
Photo: Rob Latour/REX.
Yes, that's him in the center there.
Photo: David Fisher/REX.
And here he is back in 2015. It turns out that while Hill is fully dedicated to his smooth-headed character, in a non-Westeros world, he's actually got some seriously luscious locks. This might be even more shocking than the murder of Jon Snow. (Okay, not really, but close!)

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