Difficult People Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: Service Dogs

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Hey, guess what? We're still making fun of BuzzFeed, or Buzzlist where Julie and Billy are guest blogging, for making lists, as if everyone on Facebook doesn't read them ("21 Reasons You're Bored Enough To Click On This Recap," "67 Times You Read A BuzzFeed List And It Was So You") and every publisher doesn't desperately want on that click train. Welcome to another episode of Difficult People, where SNL alum Abby Elliott is the millennial showing J and B to their new office, made up of two desks and a see-saw. WTF. Here's another listicle for your reading pleasure. There were three shows name-checked in this episode: Ray Donovan, The Affair, and Grace & Frankie.

For me, this will forever be the episode when Julie mentions Arthur, her boyfriend, and Marilyn, her mother, and I finally realize the Arthur Miller/Marilyn Monroe thing going on there, which makes her Joe DiMaggio, I guess? All this listmaking leads to Julie landing an audition for The Affair's "companion piece" series, Tryst. A combination of her Australian-pretending-to-be-American accent and her "service dogs" lead to the casting directors (shout out to Rachel Dratch) thinking she's mentally disabled and having the show write a role just for her. Sound offensive? It would be, except that she really leans into all the special treatment she gets as a result, including receiving a medal after she says her four lines as Patches the clown. It's not that different than the Emmys, to be honest. Billy can't get into a gay bar because he's not identifiable as an animal (not a bear, not quite an otter, and now hyenas are a thing so thanks for that) and can't get into his apartment because there was an ebola outbreak (because Zika doesn't affect gay men, although it would be a more timely reference). After walking around to a song that is not "Everybody Hurts," he makes like Little Red Riding Hood and tries on several houses before moving in with Marilyn while not the transition music from the Golden Girls plays. The highlight are Julie's childhood bedroom posters of Kids in the Hall and The B-52's, which both make perfect sense. They both get hired at Buzzlist and promptly can't keep what is literally the world's easiest job. Billy moves out. Julie becomes domestic partners with Arthur, although she doesn't want to, because she doesn't have a full-time job. And, just like real life, nothing gets resolved!

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