These 13 Quotes From The Golden Girls Will Change Your Life

This week, we celebrate the most important pop culture milestone since Clueless turned 20 in July: the 30th anniversary of The Golden Girls, arguably one of the greatest shows to exist, ever.

I mean, think about it. Consisting solely of a cast above age 50, the sitcom about friendship, love, triumph, and tragedy was light-years ahead of its time — especially since it celebrated age and its corresponding wisdom, instead of playing them down. (And what’s another show you can think of that’s done that?)

Thanks to the wit of Dorothy, the sass of Sophia, the confidence of Blanche, and the optimism of Rose, The Golden Girls cemented itself as a beacon of hope by promising viewers that no matter what curveballs life threw or how old we got, sisterhood and common sense will still prevail over everything.

Or, more specifically, real friends will always be there with you to eat cheesecake at night.

So thank you, Golden Girls! For all this, and for the following 13 times you gave us words to live by. (Frankly, they’re the original #SquadGoals.)

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