Can You Blame This Kid for Eating This Cult Favorite Eyeshadow Palette?

Not only is the cult favorite Chocolate Bar eye palette by Too Faced housed in a tin that looks like a chocolate bar, the cocoa powder-laced shadows inside smell like the real thing, too. So, we can kind of see how a toddler might assume the bronze and brown shades are bite-sized treats. Which is exactly what happened this past weekend. When Lauren Rincon, a makeup enthusiast in Southern California, discovered that her niece had helped herself to a few eyeshadow snacks, the befuddled aunt tweeted the evidence — a photo of the little girl with her hands, face, and T-shirt covered in hazelnut and crème brulee shades, alongside a palette that had seen better days. She wrote — in all caps — “I don’t know if I should cry or laugh.” The message was retweeded 300 times in less than a minute.
Then, Rincon got even more playful with a follow-up tweet: a cleaned-up version of her “baby,” (the palette — not the kid) with the caption, “update: after a million Q-tips and napkins later I was able to save my baby, except for a few colors,” ending with a sad-face emoticon, which prompted many on Twitter to take up their pitchforks and express outrage over the child's welfare.
Of course, Rincon contacted Poison Control and Too Faced to make sure her niece would be in the clear, then assured the internet with a tweet that read, “Too Faced let me know that there [aren't] any harmful ingredients, but we'll definitely take her to the doctors if she shows any signs of sickness."
As for Rincon’s beauty baby, well, Too Faced is coming to the rescue and making sure she gets a replacement palette. We bet she'll keep that one under lock and key.

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