Calls Home From The Fanciest Place On Earth

The Cannes Film Festival is widely regarded as one of the fanciest events in the world. Where else will you find yachts parked next to yachts parked next to private islands? Still, seeing the circus from the outside is totally different than living it from the inside — especially for the first time.

So, we touched base with some of the most well-traveled (and well-dressed) bloggers in the world, who each embarked on their own type of whirlwind adventure. Across the pond, we joined Gala Gonzales, Chriselle Lim, and Negin Mirsalehi in Cannes for a white-glove festival experience only the South of France (and beloved designer Elie Saab) could facilitate.

Once there, we got the scoop on the excitement as the girls told their loved ones back home all they were seeing, eating, and, of course, wearing. It's the Cannes story you have yet to see, because it's the one you'd only tell your nearest and dearest. We tapped the lines as the girls called their moms, husbands, and best friends to hear what they really thought of the red carpets, private dinners, and fancy parties.

Yes, it's fair to call us the well-clad flies on the walls in the fanciest place on Earth. And believe us, it was all pretty damn fly.

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