16 Of The Most Shocking Movie Deaths, EVER

Warning: This article contains spoilers about several films. Read at your own risk.
You can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs and you can't deliver juicy drama without offing a few characters. But usually, we can see it coming. Someone in a Nicholas Sparks tearjerker coughs. It's a war movie. You read the book and know that Beth March is doomed. A nerdy girl is in a horror movie. The lead's best friend starts talking about the meaning of life and his or her plans for the future. We know where this is going.
Once in a while, though, a character dies so unexpectedly that we're left reeling. A major star gets killed off in the first act or Quentin Tarantino decides that this seemingly innocuous moment would be the perfect opportunity for a gun to go off. We cry, we shriek, we pee our pants. It's a little thrilling, but also...kind of effed-up, you know?
Read on to see which cinematic deaths completely stunned us. Seriously: spoilers ahead.

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