Jessi Klein Tells RIOT Live Her Great Analogy About Effortlessly Cool Women

Writer Jessi Klein has a word for those cool, artfully disheveled women who's demeanor defies convention. Those ladies that aren't obviously fashionable but always arrive in perfect outfit? The Serenas to our Blairs? In her new book You'll Grow Out Of It, Klein calls these women "poodles." "[Women who are poodles] will always look like an ocean breeze, short of donning a Nazi uniform on Halloween," Klein read from her book on RIOT Live. "And even then, you’d forgive her because it was just that one time, it was Halloween, she’s so pretty, and that means she’s a good person who didn’t mean it. When someone is a poodle, you just want to be near her." That's the effect of a poodle, according to Klein. Poodle women aren't always especially gorgeous or serene, but they radiate a soothing kind of simplicity. While speaking to RIOT Live, she also confessed that she's the other kind of woman in this clever dichotomy, a "wolf." "Being beautiful is not what makes you a poodle or a wolf," she said. "There are millions of beautiful wolf women out there. It’s how much of the beauty feels like work or like maintenance." Famous poodle women include Angelina Jolie and Kiera Knightly. Famous wolf women include Tina Fey and Jennifer Aniston, Klein said. According to Klein, Aniston's image gets to the heart of what separates poodles from wolves: "Jennifer would be stunningly beautiful even if she did nothing. But it’s the fact that she chooses to do everything that tells me she is a wolf," Klein said.

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