A Convincing Theory On Why Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Orchestrated Their Breakup

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We know that some theories about celebrities tend to be a little over the top (like the one about Louis Tomlinson's baby being fake), while others are a bit more believable (like Hiddleswift being a manufactured romance). And this may be the most convincing one in recent memory. It involves Rob Kardashian and his fiancée, Blac Chyna. The mastermind behind the theory is a writer at The Ringer, Molly McHugh. McHugh thinks the couple's blow-up, and temporary breakup, was staged to be used as material for their show. She also suggests it was part of a deal they have promoting an app, Instant CheckMate, that supposedly assists its users in catching a cheating partner or spouse. Here's why it might be true. To begin with, Chyna has been promoting an app designed to catch cheaters for a while now. In fact, she is even featured in an article on its website titled, "Did Blac Chyna Break Up Kylie Jenner And Tyga?" And Kardashian doesn't seem like the cheating type. At least, at this point in his life. He rarely leaves the house, nor did he date anyone publicly right before Chyna. But, being a Kardashian, he knows how to hustle a dollar or two through strategic planning and placement, and it seems that Chyna is following in his footsteps. This whole "breakup" (which Chyna spent snapchatting about new releases from her makeup line) was "backed up" by a lot of sources with quotes about secret, mysterious texts, and cryptic messages. The whole scenario literally sounds like an ad for an app that tracks cheaters. This is McHugh's best guess at how this brief hiccup in their relationship will play out on the show. The producers are probably editing the footage right now — "The actual promotion will be subtle. In a confessional video, Kardashian/Chyna will break it down for viewers, explaining that Kardashian/Chyna has been on his/her phone a lot, taking calls in another room, changing the password, etc. Cut to a scene of Kardashian/Chyna texting in a corner; then there’s some snooping around on Kardashian’s/Chyna’s part." She ends the hypothetical scene with Chyna using the app, in full view of the camera, to see if her boo cheated or not. And, after all their hilariously unscripted (ha!) hijinks, they forgive each other. All thanks to their handy-dandy sleuthing app. Not to mention that all the while Kardashian would surely be wearing quirky Arthur George socks, and Chyna her 88 Fin clothing line and Lashed Bar makeup. That, my friends, is how you play the reality show game.

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