This Popular Brand Is Making Nail Polish Devout Muslim Women Can Wear

Earlier this month we predicted we'd see more and more halal beauty products hit the market — and we hate to say we told you so, but well, we told you so. In August, nail polish brand Orly will be launching a slew of new "breathable" nail polishes that practicing Muslims can wear. Prior to the creation of porous nail polish, devout Muslim women and men were not allowed to wear nail polish because it interferes with wudu or ablution — the Islamic procedure of washing parts of the body before prayer. "If something is blocking [your nails], that is not acceptable," says Habib Ghanim, director of ISWA Halal Certification Department and president of USA Halal Chamber of Commerce. "When wudu is performed, water has to touch every part of your body. If you have nail polish on that is non-porous, that is not considered halal." Orly's nail polishes have similar technology to that of a contact lens. "[The nail polish] allows oxygen and hydration to pass through," the brand shared in a press release. Since water is able to penetrate the polish and reach the nail bed, Muslim people can wear it and still perform ablution. Orly is also working toward obtaining halal-certification in Europe. The process should be complete in three to four weeks, according to representatives from the brand. While nails do not necessarily need to "breathe" to be healthy, Orly's Breathable polishes contain a host of conditioning ingredients, such as vitamin B5, argan oil, and vitamin C. The range also includes 18 polishes that come in a variety of shades from soft nudes to deep plums — which means they've got a wide appeal, too. But, it's great to see a popular American brand specifically embracing a group of consumers who comprise over 23% of the global population. Let's hope more major brands are taking notes.

Breathable Treatment + Color, $8.99, available at Ulta Beauty.

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