Why Was Melania Trump’s Website Suddenly Taken Offline?

Photo: Carolyn Cole/Getty Images.
Melania Trump is starting to rack up quite an unusual record this election season. First, she was accused of plagiarizing her RNC speech. Then, critics claimed that the Trump campaign has been lying about the former model's educational background. And now, amid this scrutiny, her personal website has disappeared from the internet as of yesterday. That's right, Melania's website has vanished from the internet. If you try to go to her website, which was fully functional earlier this week, you will automatically be forwarded to Donald Trump's business website. News outlets are speculating that alleged lies about her having earned an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia might be the reason the site was deleted. The biography on her site, as online archives uncovered by The Huffington Post show, previously included the claims about her architecture degree. But an unauthorized biography published earlier this year entitled Melania Trump: The Inside Story says that she only attended the university for one year before leaving to pursue a modeling career. Melania had an extremely successful modeling career, among other accomplishments. But between the questions raised by the biography and the campaign's unwillingness to answer questions about her degree, it does seem possible that the Trump campaign might have chosen to embellish her background. While the campaign could have simply removed or edited the biography on her website, removing the whole website altogether was an unusual (and surprising) move. But, Melania just tweeted a response to the website kerfuffle. Her explanation: that the four year-old site didn't reflect her current professional interests.
We're unsure when or even if the Melania Trump website will be back up and running. Campaign spokespeople have not commented on the deleted website.

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