Our Absolute Favorite Female-Led Podcasts

Photo: John W. Poole/Courtesy of NPR.
Over the past few years, podcasts have become as ubiquitous as TV, movies, and books. They're hands-free, portable, unobtrusive — i.e., perfect for commutes — and usually free. Oh, and the content itself is as wide-ranging as it is enjoyable. There's a podcast for everything. Want to learn about an obscure bit of history? Hear really smart people's thoughts on politics or pop culture? Creep yourself out with true-crime stories? Laugh hysterically to yourself on a quiet subway car? Yeah, there's a podcast for all of those things — and more.
But much like Netflix, there are approximately 17 billion options to choose from. Since we're big fans of hearing women tell their own stories, we decided to narrow the field to shows with female hosts. So, grab your earbuds and prepare your ears for some lady-powered awesomeness: Here are the best female-led podcasts.

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