Vanessa Bayer & Jessi Klein Don’t Understand Wine

Recently, the gut-bustlingly funny and talented Jessi Klein stopped by Refinery29 to chat about the launch of her her new memoir, You’ll Grow Out Of It. The book chronicles Klein's journey from an awkward tomboy and self-proclaimed late bloomer to successful comedy writer for shows like Transparent and Inside Amy Schumer. The Q&A with SNL’s Vanessa Bayer, full of candid and funny moments about life and growing up, also features a confession from both women: They don’t understand wine. Bayer starts out by commenting on the prevalence of rosé, well, everywhere these days (including at her book launch at R29’s offices).
“Rosé is now a fancy, cute girl’s drink, like a poodle drink,” she muses — though Klein quickly corrects her. “I would agree, except for how much of it I drink,” she admits, qualifying that it's less poodle and more “wolf-ness.” Both women are huge wine fans, though they acknowledge that they know nothing about the stuff. Klein admits that when she asks for recommendations off the wine list, "literally any of it could be good” to her. They’re also equally befuddled by wine terminology. For example, calling wine "dry," since it’s, you know, wet. And don't even get Bayer started on talking about wine's body. Watch the video above to hear their wine confessions — do you relate?

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