This One Piece Of Happiness Advice Is 100% Accurate…But Terrifying

The advice you get from strangers on the internet is often questionable, at best. Crowdsourcing tips can lead to everything from factual inaccuracies to trolls. But one Redditor posting on the Shower Thoughts subreddit has come up with the perfect solution to beat loneliness. Of course, if you follow that advice, you might find yourself longing for that all-alone feeling.
Redditor epiccrash suggests, "If you're feeling lonely, watch a horror movie and you won't feel like you're alone."
This isn't inaccurate. As anyone who thought watching The Babadook while their roommate was away can attest, a horror movie can make the apartment seem eerily crowded. And, to be fair, the unshakable feeling there's someone, or something, lurking in the shadows will probably distract you from any bigger issues, like a lackluster social circle. Solve a problem, gain a problem — maybe that's the most you can hope for when mining social media for guidance.

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