The Story Behind Demi Lovato & Perez Hilton’s Confusing Twitter Feud

A feud seems to have broken out between Demi Lovato and gossip blogger Perez Hilton on Twitter, but the reasons behind it are pretty cryptic. Here's what we understand, though. On Monday, Lovato tweeted at Hilton, "Do something with your life," though the tweet has since been deleted, according to PopCrush. When someone saw the tweet and asked what happened, Hilton described a confusing exchanged between him and Lovato.
Apparently, Hilton had favorited tweets referencing Lovato's criticism of Mariah Carey. (Carey posted a meme to Instagram last month implying that she was better than Ariana Grande, and Lovato commented, “You got it the wrong way around honey.") Then, Lovato sent Hilton a direct message telling him to stay out of it. Hilton screenshotted the DMs and posted them to Twitter. Then, he went on a long rant calling Lovato "petty."
The hashtag #PerezExposedDemiParty broke out after that, though some people aren't really sure what she's being "exposed" for.
So, basically, Demi Lovato has been feuding with Perez Hilton about his interest in a feud between her and Mariah Carey. My head hurts. Can we all get back to what we were doing now?

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