People Are Losing It Over This Makeup Parody Video

We know. You’ve seen enough Shit People Say videos to last you a lifetime. But trust us when we tell you that there’s one more that’s going to make you spit out your coffee, hit replay, share with your friends, and then quote it ad nauseum. Because "Things People Say To Their Makeup Artists," created by Australian comedian Tanya Hennessy, is a spot-on parody of the ultimate makeup appointment gone wrong. And we can’t stop watching. In the video, Hennessy plays a nightmare client who dreams the impossible: She asks her makeup artist to execute “a ‘50s-inspired, ‘60s, ‘70s rock eye with a ‘90s eyebrow, but, like, a dewy-matte look as well...with a lot of contouring but, like, minimalist.” She also busts out sticky notes for the artist to use for said contour, and comes wielding transparent office tape, “for winged liner, because I saw that’s how you do it — you use tape.” You can almost hear the record-scratch sound in the poor makeup artist’s head. After burying her head in her phone while the makeup artist tries to apply powder, (“Look up, please? Look up?” the makeup artist repeatedly pleads), and asking for a “high-gloss, matte lip,” Hennessy’s hilariously misguided character pulls the equivalent of interrupting a DJ mid-set with a Top 40 song request: “Can you do my hair as well?” Since it was posted 10 days ago, the video has accrued an impressive 3.4 million views on Facebook. And we’re not ashamed to admit that, as of early this morning, dozens of those views have been racked up by us alone. What can we say? We just can’t get enough of Hennessy — or her high-gloss, matte lip.

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