Kristen Bell's Sloth Obsession Is Back & More Adorable Than Ever

Kristen Bell has never been shy about her love of sloths. Remember, her sloth meltdown on Ellen? But, now Bell's using her obsession with the slow-moving mammals for a good cause.

As E! reported, Bell put out a PSA with Thrive Market, an online grocery store, to promote a petition that would allow food stamps to be used online.

In it, Bell attempts to buy a Pygmy three-toed sloth — "you know...that good shiz" — off the internet, played here by an adorable little girl.

Turns out, it doesn't take too much for Bell to get one. All she needs is an address and a credit card. That's it.

Bell wants you to see the irony in that, explaining mock angrily, "Even the biggest sloth lover in the world — me — knows you can't keep a perfect, exotic, endangered animal as a pet. Despite how badly I want one."

And she wants one real bad, but not as bad as she wants you to sign this petition to make it as easy for food stamps recipients to get groceries via the world wide web.

The video stresses that point even further with its final message: "You can buy anything online, even a sloth...But you can't buy healthy food using food stamps."

You can go here to sign the petition.

But, definitely make sure and watch this video to the very end. If you do, you'll get to see Bell's adorable sloth impression, which is honestly too cute for words.

As cute as her recently released wedding photos — no lie, it's that cute.

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