How To Adopt A Dog From The TSA’s Bomb-Sniffing Program

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images.
You know those dogs you sometimes come across at airport security who sniff your luggage before you head off on your way? They all underwent extensive training by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) so that they could detect bombs. And apparently, this training process is challenging. Several dogs don't develop sniffing skills fit for airports and others simply get too old for the job. So, the TSA is putting the dogs it can't use up for adoption. In November, the group announced in a press release that it was looking for homes for the dogs, who live in San Antonio, TX. A representative recently told Town and Country that many are still up for grabs. The dogs have been raised in kennels, so they may have some challenges adapting to homes. But the good news is, they're mostly between the ages of two and 10, which makes them easier to take care of than puppies. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), you can tell what an older dog will be like upon your first interaction and they also often get along better with children. Even though they may not be of much use in airports, the TSA's retired and failed bomb-sniffers could make a great addition to the right home!

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