Taylor Swift’s “Ridiculous” Anxiety Dream Came True

Photo: Stewart Cook/Shutterstock/REX.
Is it paranoia if they really are watching you? Taylor Swift has, of course, been in the public eye since she was a wee thing, so it's natural for her to feel a little bit like there are eyes everywhere. They are everywhere. Still, CapitalFM just posted an interview conducted with Swift at the 2015 Brit Awards last February, in which she revealed some of her anxiety dreams and fears, and it's a bit uncanny with regard to this Kimye controversy. "My reality, even when I'm not dreaming, is peppered with anxiety, just like ridiculous anxiety," she told host Dave Berry. "I have a lot of issues with buildings like this, just 'cause I feel like someone has bugged the room and is either videoing me or recording me." "I think these might be on," Berry said, probably indicating the microphones recording her. "No, I know, but like dressing rooms and stuff, so that's one of my paranoias," Swift continued. "Anxiety dreams, I always have nightmares that I'm being framed for murder. And then I'm being framed so well that I can't remember if I did it or not, in the dream. So, that really winds me up...If you want to talk about all my issues with anxiety, we could be here for days."
Did Swift eerily predict that one day Kim Kardashian would secretly record her phone conversation with Kanye West? Not quite. Now, if she then gets framed for murder, then we'll believe she's psychic. Or that West listens very closely to every single one of Swift's interviews. That sounds more likely when you hear this other dream she described to CapitalFM: "There's a dream that, any time I'm paparazzi'd out, which is a lot, I have dreams that night that they're in my room taking pictures of me while I'm sleeping." That sounds just like the "Famous" video.

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