Chrissy Teigen Spills Celeb Secrets In Amazing Twitter Q&A

Christine Teigen is one of our most accessible celebs. Her life with husband John Legend and baby Luna is a more-or-less open book, with constant social media posting letting her public think that they’re in on the Chrissy Teigen experience. Last night was a prime example of what makes her seem like she’s one of our friends. She started out by responding to criticism that she had posted a Rihanna song with a Beyoncé caption, but quickly started just answering whatever odd thoughts were popping into her Twitter followers’ heads. She talked about how celebs greet each other based on hierarchy.
And which celebs have flustered her.
How celebs list each other in their phones.
Celebs are just as obsessed with Twitter beef as we are. There are even celeb group chats.
She broke down how celebs will ask for tables at restaurants.
And, of course she had to take a question about the Illuminati.
She closed her chat by calling for a stricter harassment policy from Twitter in the wake of the Leslie Jones debacle — but reopened it earlier Tuesday to more questions. Check her feed out here.

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