It’s Time To Learn To Say No

"No" just hasn't been as easy a word to utilize since your terrible twos. Now, when you're presented with situations that call for not a simple "no," but a "hell, no," you might feel pressure to hedge. It just seems impolite to flat-out tell your friend you can't pick up the cake for their cat's birthday, right? You can't tell your sister that you 100% don't want to get matching SpongeBob tattoos — that would hurt her feelings.
The Truth Fairy (a.k.a. comedian Tessa Hersh) is here to tell you that sometimes, a straightforward no is the kindest thing you could give your friend. At least there's no possibility of miscommunication.
So, the next time your neighbor asks you to water their plants while they're away — and defrost their freezer — you'll know what to do. Take a deep breath and let out a calm, confident, "No."
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