What Tess Holliday & Amber Rose Want You To Know About Pregnancy Sex

Pregnancy can drastically shift a person's libido, but it's not a given in which direction. Some pregnant women feel tired, bloated, nauseated, and anything but aroused. Pregnancy hormones can make other women's sex drives skyrocket. Recently on The Amber Rose Show, Tess Holliday revealed to host Amber Rose (and the world) which camp she falls into. "Constantly I wanted to have sex," she exclaimed of her pregnancy experience. "If anything, he was the one that was like, 'Really?'" "You know who's like that?" Rose responded. "She might get mad that I say this but Chyna, she says she's always horny all the time. Sorry Chy!" Rose, however, doesn't share Holliday's or Blac Chyna's enthusiasm for sex while expecting: "When I was pregnant, it was just, 'Fine,'" she shares. "I would act like I was into it, but I'm like, 'Please just hurry up.'" The conclusion: You do you during pregnancy, whether that means abstaining or getting it on. Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe (unless your doctor specifically advises you against it). Late in pregnancy, some positions may be more comfortable than others — check out suggestions here, and watch Rose and Holliday's full discussion of pregnancy sex above.

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