10 Reasons To Just Go See Ghostbusters Already

Ghostbusters had a $46 million opening weekend. That's a lot of money! But some are saying it's not enough, and that ideally, the film should have brought in $60 million since its budget was $144 million. Well, ideally, this film also wouldn't have been tarnished by backlash from bros who couldn't handle women invading their space. But here we are.
What concerns me even more than the musings of dudes who spend their days on social media trying to hate on the film is the way that this movie in particular may be used as a barometer. I'm nervous that if we don't go see it in droves, Hollywood might not give us more stories like this. I'm nervous that some will point to the numbers here and call it a flop, when in reality, it's such a great time. I hate that we even have to campaign for a movie's success, but that's how important this one is.
So I've put together 10 easy reasons why you and your friends and everyone you know should go see Ghostbusters. Because I refuse to live in a world where we had four Spy Kids movies, but a woman can't bust a ghost.
This summer, we're celebrating the biggest movie season of the year with a new series called Blockbust-HER. We'll be looking at everything film-related from the female perspective, interviewing major players in the industry and discussing where Hollywood is doing right by women and where (all too often) it is failing them. And now...let's go to the movies!

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