Trevor Noah: RNC Is Like Pokémon Go & We’re Here To Catch Them All

Photo: Courtesy of Gavin Bond/Comedy Central.
The Daily Show host Trevor Noah is in Cleveland this week with an important mission: catching all of the Republicans. "The convention is like where someone has put down a lure, and now there's just going to be Pokémon delegates popping up everywhere. We're here trying to catch them all," Noah told Refinery29. "It's ground zero for everything that's going to be happening in politics for the next week. You don't want to be anywhere else. That's why we're here." Noah and his team will be broadcasting special episodes from Ohio Tuesday through Friday under the banner: "The 2016 Republican National Convention: Submission Accomplished." The South African comedian said it's crucial to find ways to laugh, even as the campaign takes a serious turn later this week, when presumptive nominee Donald Trump is expected to officially become his party's candidate. "Donald Trump wants you to take him very seriously, and I feel like by laughing at him, you're taking a little piece of that away," Noah said. "If you look at his history, the one thing that comes back to him is what people have laughed at him about." The Daily Show will also produce four episodes in Philadelphia next week, branded: "The 2016 Democratic National Convention: Let’s Not Get Crazy." Noah also urged young people to get out and vote. "The best way I can put it is this: If you are young and you have the ability to vote, you need to think of voting like an investment. It may not pay off today, it may not pay off tomorrow, but there is a time when — maybe in a few decades — you will look back and go, ‘Oh, I’m now reaping the benefits of an investment I made many, many years ago,’” he said. "Vote, because by not voting, you’re letting other people vote for you," Noah added. Watch our full interview with Noah at the RNC below:
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