Here’s How To Find Out When, Where & How To Vote In Your State

GIF: Courtesy Google.
While voting in this country should be a straightforward affair, oftentimes, it's not. Voting requirements vary state-to-state, and if you're traveling or living abroad, you've got to figure out how to send in your ballot, too. Now, finding that information should be a lot quicker. Google just made it a heck of a lot easier to figure out your state's voting requirements so you can cast your ballot in this fall's upcoming election. They’re making it easier to learn about what's going on at the Republican and the (upcoming) Democratic national conventions, too.
Now, when you search "register to vote" or a similar query, Google will surface a state-by-state guide that gives you information about how to register, deadlines you'll need to know, and general voting requirements in your state. This info will show up at the top of your Google search results, rather than stay buried inside some hard-to-navigate government website. And when you search for topics relating to the RNC and the DNC, Google will similarly show you relevant information. This includes a summary of the event, the nominees, and the lineup of speakers. It will also include a link to a livestreaming video from YouTube, as well as recent, relevant social media posts. We're so glad that Google understands that we're sometimes lazy when it comes to these sorts of things, but definitely not apathetic.

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