Was It Illegal For Kimye To Record The Kanye-Taylor Call?

Photo: Michael Buckner/WWD/REX/Shutterstock.
In the wake of the bombshell Kim Kardashian dropped on Snapchat Sunday night, people are asking a lot of questions. Did Taylor know Kim was going to release that recording of her and Kanye's phone call? Are any of the snippets of the conversation taken out of context? Will shady Taylor issue a mea culpa? But Vulture poses a more serious question: Did Kardashian and West break the law by recording the phone call without Swift's consent?
Possibly. Laws pertaining to recording phone conversations vary by state — and the laws surrounding interstate calls are even less clear. In most states, as long as one party on the call consents to its recording (in this case, Kimye), it's totally legal. These "one-party consent" states include New York, where Kim and Kanye were during the time of the call, as Vulture reports. In eleven states, though, you must get the consent of all parties on the line. California is one of those states — so if that's where Taylor was during the call, then Kim and Kanye could have a problem. But Swift's home state of Tennessee is a one-party consent state, so in that case, Kimye would be in the clear.
Swift, however, may have been in another state, or out of the country altogether. In that statement to GQ refuting Kim's claims, Swift's rep said she was "on vacation with her family" during the January phone call. Where that vacation was is not clear. Should any more details about Swift's location during the call emerge, we'll update this post. Stay tuned!

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