Ariel Winter Thinks It’s Fine If Taylor Swift Got A Boob Job

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
When people aren't theorizing about Taylor Swift's love life, they're talking about her appearance. This year, the singer has altered her hair, her wardrobe, and maybe even her bra size.

While claims that Swift underwent plastic surgery are completely unverified, that hasn't prevented gossip magazines from speculating, especially after seeing her in a bikini over the Fourth of July.

One actress in particular felt for Swift, in the wake of the media's nonstop analysis of the singer's body. Ariel Winter is only 18, but she has been dealing with internet trolls for what feels like forever. Her social media commenters constantly critique her appearance. Winter herself has had plastic surgery. The actress had a breast reduction in June of 2015, for health reasons.

So it makes sense that the ladies over at The Talk would ask Winter's opinion on Swift's supposed plastic surgery. "I have to say, you know, even if Taylor Swift did get her boobs done, good for her if she felt like she wanted to," she said.

Winter continued: “It took me a while to feel that way, you know, accepting myself. I just hope girls can learn to accept themselves, whatever they look like, however big or small their breasts are."


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