Our Favorite Movie Soundtracks Of All Time

Photo: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock.
Every year around Oscars season, I wonder why there are so many categories. I mean, do we really need Best Original Score AND Best Original Song? Couldn't Best Sound Editing just get a discreet, pre-show shoutout? How's a movie fan to grab some shut-eye?
But as anyone who has ever sat through the last two minutes of Star Wars without the rousing theme can tell you, music is crucial to the magic of films. A good soundtrack is an art — one well worth disrupting your beauty sleep once a year.
Can you imagine The Sound of Music without Julie Andrews' delightful interludes? Or Titanic without Celine Dion? And where would Dirty Dancing be without "Time of My Life"? (Nowhere: Take away the music, and all you're left with is a very awkward Jennifer Grey trying to seduce a very earnest Patrick Swayze.)
So, grab those headphones and join us on a musical journey through some of the best soundtracks in movie history.

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