This Guy Photoshops Himself (As A Dinosaur) Into Celeb Pics

Since the world is a never ending cavalcade of nightmares and horrors, here’s a guy who photoshops himself, wearing a dinosaur costume, into celebrity pictures. Actor, model, and dinosaur enthusiast Lorenz Valentino has put himself into quite a few famous situations. Like, for example, the music video for “Famous.” Here, he’s kicked out Taylor Swift. We doubt she’ll mind.
Here he is copping some of Gigi Hadid’s shine on the cover of Vogue.
This selfie of Khloé Kardashian is much improved with another person, in this case a dino, also flexing.
Look, Jennifer Lawrence has a snake on her. And a dino, which is another kind of snake. We think. Both reptiles. Whatever.
Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

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