Amber Rose’s Parenting Advice Gives Us All The Feels

Photo: Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Amber Rose, author of How To Be A Bad Bitch and host of the upcoming VH1 talk show, The Amber Rose Show, is doling out advice.
In an interview with Buzzfeed (with questions gathered from its readers) Rose talked about her favorite color, her self-confidence, and what she'd be doing if she had to pick a less public career. But she also talked about her parenting style and beliefs. She's raising her son to be a feminist and advises keeping a strong relationship with your child's other parent, even if you're no longer together. But her most powerful piece of advice was directed at a mother who wanted to make sure her daughters avoided the confidence issues that had plagued her. Rose suggested, "Let them dress themselves — that’s how you become creative — so when your kids dress themselves, even though they have two different color socks on or their shoes are on the wrong feet or their mismatched shirt and pants, tell them that they are absolutely beautiful, no matter what they have on. I’m not gonna lie, that’s what my mom did to me, because she grew up the same way — very insecure about her body — and when she had me, I would come out literally looking like a clown to the living room, and my mom would say, “Oh my God!” and it was always that reaction. And I always got dressed ‘cause I knew my mom would give me that reaction every single time and she really built my confidence to the point where I was like, hey, I’m fucking 18 and I’m gonna shave my head and I don’t give a shit, because my mom says I’m cool."
A solid piece of advice that's already been tested with very positive results.

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