This Interactive Map Shows The Most Dangerous Countries For Tourists

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Living the jet-set life and being a world traveler sounds like a dream come true. But with the recent spike in global acts of terrorism (specifically those targeting civilians), not to mention the Zika virus and other safety issues that can affect travelers, it’s especially important to be mindful of whether the next place you're planning to visit is deemed safe for tourists. And, as Business Insider reports, you can now easily see that information in a brilliant, easy-to-digest interactive map, which was created by Louis Alexander Doré and first published on Indy100. Using the most current data available from the U.K. Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the site assigns each country in the world a color that corresponds to its relative safety for tourists. Green means a place is safe to travel; yellow means it's safe to travel to some parts of the country; red means travel is discouraged in all parts of the country. To use the map, simply hover over a region to get the scoop and a link to's foreign travel advice database. As of July 2, when the map was last updated, several North African and Middle Eastern countries received classifications of unsafe, due to concerns over terrorism and corruption. Certain parts of South America are also designated as unsafe for tourists, because of the prevalence of the Zika virus. Want to see if the place you're planning to visit on your next trip is under any warnings? Check out Doré's map here — and be sure to heed any government travel advisories and notify the local U.S. embassy whenever you travel internationally. (Business Insider)

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