Starbucks Prices Are Going Up…Again

Photo: Zhang Peng/LightRocket/ Getty Images.
If keeping up with all those trendy Starbucks secret menu items has taken a bite out of your savings, the coffee chain has an unfortunate surprise for you. On July 12, Starbucks will be raising its prices on select menu items. According to Eater, this is part of an annual price increase, which Starbucks has been implementing for the past two years. As of right now, Starbucks has not revealed exactly how much prices will be increased, and which menu items will be affected, but we have a few clues. Last week, U.S. locations of the chain accidentally entered the price change prematurely. A press release sent out by Starbucks in response to the mistake said, “The maximum any customer could have been overcharged is 30 cents per beverage.” In addition to that little leaked tidbit, prices on certain menu items in Chinese Starbucks locations increased by 15 to 30 cents last month, Eater reported. All this leads us to believe that U.S. locations will be hiking prices somewhere in that range later this month. Last July, the maximum price increase seen was 20 cents. To prepare for this imminent escalation, we'll be subscribing to these money-saving Starbucks hacks. Good luck, coffee-lovers.

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