Starbucks Just Shared Some Devastating News About Its Prices

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
You might want to run out and grab a Frappuccino before you read this post, because we are about to deliver some news that requires caffeine comfort. Plus, today is the last day that you'll be able to get your favorite Starbucks drinks at their current prices. According to the Associated Press, beginning tomorrow Starbucks coffee is going to be more expensive. (Cue the collective, "Nooooooooooo!") Before you get too upset, the coffee chain is raising prices by a maximum of 20 cents per "affected beverage." Some drinks will only go up 5 to 10 cents. While 20 cents might not seem that significant, if you buy a Starbucks coffee every single day of the year, you'll end up spending $73 more on coffee this year. So far it's unclear exactly which drinks are getting hit with price hikes, but small and large regular coffees will each be 10 cents more in most Starbucks locations across the country. Apparently the latest price change is designed to "balance the need to run our business profitably while continuing to provide value to our loyal customers and to attract new customers," Starbucks wrote in a statement to the Associated Press. This might be the perfect opportunity to try some summer coffee recipes of our own! But who are we kidding? We would be totally lost without our morning to-go cup. Want more Refinery29 Food?
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