Judi Dench, Perpetual Badass, Got Her First Tattoo At 81

WPA Pool/Getty Images.
Dame Judi Dench is a boss. That is canon. She's the only woman to have played M, the head of the Secret Intelligence Service in the James Bond films, she's barked orders at plebeians as British royalty in Shakespeare In Love and Pride & Prejudice, and she earned the title of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1988. Damn. But her badassery just hit a major crescendo earlier this month, when she was snapped with a new tattoo on her wrist. Yes — at 81, Dench got her first ink job. The tattoo in question was, according to the Mirror Online, a birthday gift from her daughter and says "Carpe Diem" in bold lettering across her right wrist. "That's my motto: Seize the day," she told the site. She'd been toying around with the idea for a while, revealing last year that she'd been considering the ink to mark her birthday. We just love the fact that, at 81, Dench got a tattoo with such a life-affirming message. It's also worth noting that, during this same event, Dench also sported a "007" rhinestone temp tattoo on her shoulder. To recap: Dame Judi Dench is cooler than you, you're never too old for your first tattoo, and rhinestones are poised for a comeback. Consider yourself schooled.
WPA Pool/Getty Images.

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