Tie-Dye Highlighter Is Officially A Thing — & We’re Obsessed

We all know by now that ColourPop Cosmetics is a beauty kingpin on the rise. Lately, it's been cranking out product after product — collective cheer for easy-to-use Sculpting Stix — and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Yesterday, the company took to Twitter and Snapchat to share what we think might be its biggest launch to date: tie-dye highlighter.
Photo: Courtesy of ColourPopCosmetics Snapchat.
The marbled powder combines three of ColourPop's pre-existing highlighter shades for one shimmering, swirling pot of magic. ColourPop announced that the final combo will be selected by a public vote (yay for democracy). By midnight last night, the three shades you see above had made the final cut.
ColourPop teased the full production process on its Snapchat story if you're interested in how the sausage — err, shimmer — is made. Luckily for us, the brand churned out this new product in a little over 24 hours and announced the winner: the combination of the shades Stole the Show, Avalon, and Wisp now officially called Churro. The trio blends to create a "peachy, copper sparkle, with a champagne bling," according to CP's Snapchat, and is launching today at 12 p.m. PST. We anticipate this being rainbow highlighter part two, so we advise stretching out those ordering fingers now. And if you want to get your tie-dye fix early, Stila also sells colorful eyeshadows in the pretty marbled pattern.
Update: Sorry to break the sad news, but ColourPop Cosmetics sold out of the highlighter in one minute. Perk up, we hear the brand is back in the lab hoping to make these available again soon!

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