The Game Of Thrones Stat You Won’t Be Able To Help Laughing About

In case you didn't already know, people really love Game of Thrones. They love it enough, in fact, to forego porn in favor of catching the show live on HBO. According to data from PornHub, the site saw a 4% drop in traffic during Game of Thrones' season 6 premiere back in April. The site saw similar traffic dips over the next four weeks when new episodes aired, suggesting that people are, presumably, watching the show instead of porn. While 4% might not seem like a huge drop, considering the site's 60 million daily visitors, it still makes a difference. PornHub search data also show that in the days leading up to the Sunday-night airings, people got their fixes through videos that were related to GoT. PornHub reports that pre-show searches commonly included terms like "medieval," "princess," and "ancient." More specific searches included "Walk of Shame" (possibly referring to that Cersei Lannister scene) and specific characters (namely, Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke). Turns out, when we're not watching Game of Thrones, we're busy fantasizing about it. After all, if there's anything to interrupt your routine porn-viewing for, it's deep-seated revenge plots, death, and destruction.

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