Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 7, Episode 2: Seeing Double

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Even when The Liars were mad at each other, they always found a way to look out for each other. Up until last week's episode, they have never given up on Ali (Sascha Pieterse) no matter how mean she acted. Now that Ali is actually the nice, honest one (well, ignoring the fact she might have murdered her sister), they turn her in to "A"? Considering they've proven time and time again that they can only solve problems when they're all together...well, they're screwed. With Ali locked up in Walby Radley Part II and Hanna (Ashley Benson) in a funk from being kidnapped, how are they going to solve any problems? Based on tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars, they may never solve anything ever again.
1. Why would Hanna just go and tell a complete stranger who's clearly related to Ali the truth? She is a pretty little liar after all.
2. Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) seemed to be really pointed about "secret people" in families — does that mean Hanna could have a secret twin after all?
3. How did Mary Drake get pregnant while in Radley Sanitarium?
4. Wait: So the DiLaurentis family adopted Charles/Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) and then dropped her back off at Radley later? Real nice.
4. Who is the biological father of Charlotte? Clearly they should start looking for him.
5. Hanna, why would you turn Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) down? You're the real #couplegoals of the show.
6. Why haven't Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria (Lucy Hale) told the group how sketchy Elliot (Huw Collins) was being? Stop trusting him, Em.
7. Why would she want to hear Jordan's voice? She loves Caleb. Dumb question, Em.
8. Why would Ali call Emily (Shay Mitchell) in a life or death situation? She's by far the slowest to pick up on all things.
9. Why do people trust Lucas (Brendan Robinson)? He's always doing sketchy things — ruining Ali's memorial, trying to drown Hanna, wearing weird masks, etc.
10. Are they trying to make us fall for Lucas and Hanna? Nope.
11. Why are The Liars constantly trusting the sketchiest, worst people of all time?
12. Is Hanna ever nice when she meets the people who eventually fall in love with her?
13. When is Jason (Drew Van Acker) coming back? Long live the NAT club!
14. Does no one understand how murder investigations work? I'm pretty sure Hanna is not supposed to leave, and Jordan (David Coussins) shouldn't be surprised that she needs to stay in Rosewood.
15. Why are the police so incompetent that they can't find Jason?
16. ...Or has Elliot abducted Jason?
17. Are they finally calling Ezra out for dating inappropriately young girls? Thank all things for Liam talking about Ezra's "predatory behavior" and the "Lolita" storyline.
18. Why don't they just admit to Liam (Roberto Aguire) that Ezra and Aria dated all through high school? The police force already know, so...
19. OH. MY. GOD. Did Jessica really kill the baby and leave her sister to take the blame?
20. The language Mary uses around the "warm" twin and the unloved one sounds very familiar to the conversation Mrs. Marin had with the young blonde girl a couple Halloween episodes ago. Are Jessica and Mary those two blonde children ghosts of PLL-past?
21. Isn't it nice how Aria and Hanna broke up with their adult boyfriends in the same episode? Nice synchronized plot progression.
22. Why are you leaving her, Emily? She is the worst.
23. What is Elliot paying Mary Drake for?
24. How are the girls paying for anything? Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is fired, Hanna is in a transition, Emily seems 100% unemployed. Guess Aria has to be the sugar mama.
25. Why do TV characters always magically talk about things in past tense before they break up? Is this something that happens in real life?
26. What is Elliot injecting Ali with?
27. Why have the girls not gone to the police yet?
28. Why haven't any of The Liars contacted Jason or Mr. DiLaurentis (Jim Abele)? They may be sketchy but they're much more trustworthy than people you don't even know.
29. Why are they not spending time trying to find "A"? Seriously, until they can read text messages without freaking out, their lives are not going to be OK.

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