Remember When Beyoncé Used To Giggle In Interviews?

Let us take you back to a simpler, rosier time. It was 2001. Destiny's Child was still a thing. People still used Beyoncé's last name. (It's Knowles, in case you forgot.) The media fortress now erected around the powerful star did not exist. And Queen B giggled freely during candid interviews. Hence, this delightful old chat with the girls of Destiny's Child.
The recently-rediscovered clip is from a Toazted interview with the group while they were on a tour stop in Holland. And it's hilarious. We learned a lot about Bey, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams from this bit. For example, Beyoncé loves whales and wants to touch one. And Michelle does a fantasic black panther impression. And the girls have no time for men messing around behind their backs. Some things never change.

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