Check Out Destiny Child’s Digs Circa-2000 In This Glorious #TBT

Photo Credit: KMazur / Contributor.
It's time for us to revisit what might be the best video to resurface in a very long time. We're talking about the Destiny's Child MTV Cribs episode. The episode aired in 2000, and Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams are all in their late teens and wearing matching outfits, complete with low-rise jeans, and sparkly belts. Other than their totally-2000 outfits, the six-bedroom mansion in Houston, Texas itself is a time capsule. From the ancient-looking intercoms to the red walls that are basically straight off the set of "Say My Name" to the bag full of Popeyes that Beyoncé proudly holds up in the kitchen, the video is the most authentic version of the girls when they're not on stage. But the best part of the episode is seeing a totally candid, talkative, and rambunctious 19-year-old Beyoncé. Her teenage self is a far-cry from the Lemonade Bey we know now. The Bey in this video doesn't slay or wake up flawless. She's just on the brink of fame and living her best life. Crop tops and all. Your epic #TBT awaits you.

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