Paris Hilton Agrees That She Made Kim Kardashian Famous

Everyone is still obsessing over whether or not Kanye West made Taylor Swift famous. Or whether or not West should have made that creepy, avant-garde art music video for "Famous." Or whether or not Swift gave permission for West to use her name, likeness, and that profane lyric about her. But Paris Hilton fans are over that conversation. They are here to remind you of who made Kim Kardashian herself famous — Paris Hilton. A meme on a fan's account shows Hilton lying in bed next to West and Kardashian, smiling at the camera. The account holder, littlehiltonboy, who faithfully posts Hilton fan photos and videos, wrote: "Kanye before judging artists and celebrities, you should check out your home first!" He is implying that West should stop taking credit for other people's careers (like Swift's) and remember that his wife started out as a glorified personal assistant (and clubbing partner) to Hilton.
And it seems that Hilton agrees. This afternoon, the socialite herself liked the edited picture, as Cosmopolitan points out.
Honestly, Hilton probably would have been so game to have a wax version of herself appear in the music video. After all, she did star in the epic 2005 horror flick House of Wax. Moral of the story: Never forget who actually made you famous. Because the internet never will.

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