Is That A Fat Joke In The New Bridget Jones’s Baby Trailer?

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
Bridget Jones is returning to the big screen this fall, more than a decade after we last saw her in 2004's Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. A new trailer for Bridget Jones's Baby premiered on Tuesday, and it looks like Bridget (Renée Zellweger) has quite the difficult decision to make. As you may have guessed from the title, Ms. Jones is pregnant. But she's not sure whether the father is her dashing new American suitor (Patrick Dempsey) or our old favorite, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth). And she's not sure which one of them she wants it to be.
Bridget's utterly average weight has always been an issue for some reason. I suppose it's because Zellweger gained some for the role, and the character she plays isn't movie-star thin. Earlier this month, the actress herself questioned the superficial fixation. "Bridget is a perfectly normal weight and I've never understood why it matters so much," she told Vogue U.K. This time, the star geared up to play a pregnant Bridget. "I put on a few pounds," she explained. "I also put on some breasts and a baby bump." Seems pretty unremarkable to me. But, as the 47-year-old pointed out, "No male actor would get such scrutiny if he did the same thing for a role." Absolutely true.
So a certain joke in the trailer, about how carrying Bridget is a two-man job, stings a little bit. This pregnant woman is too fat to carry! Yes, it's in jest. And yeah, Bridget is gestating a child so she weighs more. But hold up — does a woman being pregnant mean that it's cool to poke fun at her weight? Especially when this is a character whose weight has always been an "issue," even though she weighs much less than the average woman? Think about a pregnant woman in your life — would you make a fat joke at her expense?
Watch the trailer yourself and see what you think.

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