New Starbucks Coffee Drink Is Like A Beautiful Dessert

Starbucks’ specialty drinks are taking over our daily lives and social media feeds. First they introduced one secret menu item, then another, and another one surfaced earlier Monday. Now Starbucks Japan is even getting in on the game with a triple-decker of awesome that has us salivating from across the Pacific Ocean.
If it looks like a delicious triple-layer cake, that’s no accident. “The Frappuccino has been designed to drink like a dessert, with the bottom layer of frozen jelly melding with the sweet custard vanilla sauce and frozen coffee above it, finishing with the pleasant taste of freshly whipped cream,” RocketNews24 writes. The post that announced the beverage has already been shared thousands of times, but you won’t be able to get it right away. The drink will set you back 590 yen, about $5.62, and will only be around from July 2 to August 31. So book that flight to Japan. You have some expensive coffee to consume.

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