This Is How Jamie Lynn Spears Found Out She Was Pregnant

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI/REX/Shutterstock.
Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out, premiered last night on TLC. The documentary special follows Spears' country music career, but it also delves into her personal history, including when she found out she was pregnant while still a teenager. Spears describes exactly how she realized she was going to be a teen mom.

As Us Weekly reports, Spears recalls that her friend convinced her to take the test, and that they ultimately decided to take it in a gas station bathroom. "We didn't want to do it at home, so I went in the BP and I took a pregnancy test." When her friend saw the results, her reaction made it pretty clear what the test said, as Spears explains, "I was like, 'What? What? What?'"
Once the initial shock wore off and she told her parents, Spears was able to take the steps she needed to prepare to be a mother to her daughter. Now, Maddy is 8, and Spears describes her as her "best friend."
Though Spears continues to have a relationship with her then-boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, as the father of her child, she's found happiness with her now-husband, Jamie Watson. The two have been married for just over two years and have formed a family with Maddy, whom Watson has said he thinks of as his own.

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