How To Recreate Taylor Swift's $50,000 4th Of July Party

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When it comes to throwing an insane Fourth of July bash, no one holds it down quite like Taylor Swift. Considering it’s one of the singer’s favorite holidays, it’s no surprise that her past three blowouts have been ones for the books. Her inaugural Independence Day event in 2013 was a carnival-style soiree complete with face-painting, Cornhole, and a scavenger hunt. And in 2014, pals like Jaime King, Lena Dunham, and Emma Stone stopped by her New England mansion for some All-American action, including boat rides and Slip-’n’-Slides. It would appear, in fact, that there really ain’t no July 4th party like a T. Swift party, because the T. Swift parties don’t stop.

And like a fine wine or one of Swift’s breakup tunes, the festivities only get better with time. Last year’s celebration was arguably the most talked-about spree of the season. Not only did the whole crew — including Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Brit Maack, Serayah, and Haim, come through. They also brought along their baller (and now mostly ex-) boyfriends, Calvin Harris and Joe and Nick Jonas. Across Instagram, guests posted images of all of their holiday shenanigans: barbecuing, baking cakes, and jumping jovially in bikinis. And, for the first time, we got a real-time glimpse of what it means to throw a patriotic party, Swift-style. While last year’s vanishing pictures might initially leave us longing for the good-old days, we have a strong feeling that this year’s affair will still offer up plenty of star power.

We’re rounding up the best details from Swift's red-white-and-blue blowout — in hopes that you can throw your own version. Although Swift’s signature social gatherings would require the salary of, well, a superstar, it turns out the bulk of the specifics don’t demand much more than a little creativity and an affinity for Americana. So whether you can afford a whole Rhode Island rental or just plan on splurging on a kiddie pool, read on for a few ideas to get your own Fourth of July party poppin’ like Swift’s.

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As far as real estate goes, it seems Ms. Swift has just about everybody beat, with a residence in New York City, a sweet set-up in Beverly Hills, and a historic (and sweeping) estate in Westerly, RI. The seaside "shack" is the perfect place to throw her Fourth of July soiree. Complete with eight bedrooms, 11 baths, a picturesque pool, and seven miles of secluded, sandy beach, the oceanfront property — near scenic Little Narragansett Bay — was just begging to be the backdrop of a star-studded bash.

Although buying your own coastal mansion could cost you nearly $18 million, don’t give up your holiday hopes just yet. You can rent a similar space for about $2,200 a night (which, if you invited 14 of your closest friends, would be just $150 per person per night). Unfortunately, unlike at Swift’s spot, unobstructed views of The Watch Hill Lighthouse — and the Haim sisters — aren’t included.
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Take it from Taylor and the gang: There’s no better way to kick off Fourth of July festivities than simply grilling and lounging poolside. For Swift, this means blazing up the BBQ — with a little help from a former flame — and floating around on inflatable unicorns all day with your BFFs.

And while swans for the whole squad and a super-slide rental could easily run you up to $5,000 per day, rest assured there are more affordable options. A fun but less-fancy float offers up the same sense of whimsy without entirely blowing your budget.
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Few things invoke the spirit of summer like enjoying a good old-fashioned Rocket Pop on the patio, and clearly Taylor and team agree. Sift through the medley of social media images from the singer’s last few Fourth of July fests, and you’re sure to come across several celebrity guests with the famous refreshment in hand. Not only does the red-white-and-blue party favor add to the all-American ambience, from the looks of Gigi Hadid, it’s also a pretty cool accessory for whenever you’re feeling camera-ready.

And even though the original version of the frozen dessert is anything but expensive or difficult to come by, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more innovative options out there to choose from. Try making your own tasty interpretation, and be sure to get creative with a variety of mix-ins and molds. Also, don’t forget to photograph everything — instantly, of course.
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If we managed to round up all of our besties every summer for a seaside soiree, we’d probably make a habit out of jumping for joy, too. Good thing we can still look the part with little more than some beach towels and sheer gravity. Not only are these striped stunners both plush and pool-friendly, they can moonlight as chic cover-ups for when things start to cool.

While landing the same luxurious Turkish Cotton wraps Swift and her squad are posing with will set you back about $60 a pop (twice that if you only want national colors), there are still plenty of reasons to move forward with your symbolic shindig. Lucky for you, striped beach towels are easier to come by than ice cream this season, so scoring a less-expensive alternative shouldn’t be a problem.
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For Swift, nothing embodies pure patriotism like Ina Garten’s legendary Flag Cake on Independence Day. The popular pastry has shown up at previous parties thrown by the performer, and it’s no shock that her last blowout was no exception.

Although Swift seldom deviates from the Barefoot Contessa’s culinary course, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own unique version of the emblematic treat, or find a different type of dessert to enjoy this Fourth. The sweetest things in life are actually pretty affordable if you bake them yourself.
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Would it really be an authentic Taylor Swift affair without at least one surprise appearance from a fellow international superstar? We seriously think not. At last year’s Fourth of July blowout, fellow Grammy winner (and honorary Swift squad member) Ed Sheeran unexpectedly showed up, outrageously outfitted for the occasion. And although the English singer probably wasn’t all that concerned with the details of the otherwise ultra-American holiday, Swift made sure to have an American flag in every pic of the pair.

Securing an exclusive Ed Sheeran appearance at your own party would easily cost you up to $750K — assuming you’d want to hear him perform a song or two. However, between Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music, you can conveniently curate your own playlist of crooners, for just a few measly bucks every month, sans the crazy contract rider.
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Of course, no Fourth of July bash would be complete without a full-blown finale of fireworks. According to Rhode Island state law, a presentation like Swift’s would require securing at least one permit ahead of time, so keep your eyes peeled for local protocol while you’re planning your party.

If you’re hoping to host a similar celestial showcase, in addition to covering your legal bases (amateur fireworks displays are illegal in many states), be sure to look locally for discount firework stands or certified online dealers. You might not be able to afford to go all-out à la Taylor, but you’re guaranteed to set a spectacular scene, even with some simple sparklers!
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When the night starts to cool off, you’ll want to keep the party hot. In Taylor’s case, this means having a supply of star-spangled onesies on hand, to ensure that everyone in attendance stays warm and (arguably) well-dressed. As soon as the events of the day came to a close, the crew made a point of collectively switching into cute (and coordinated) sleepwear.

Although the super soft one-pieces Swift got for her clique cost around $160 each, there are certainly cheaper options out there. A well-designed knock-off will set you back around $65, and a similarly themed alternative could potentially cost even less.
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Photo: via @taylorswift
Once all is said and done, a true-to-Taylor-get-together is likely to run you upwards of $10,000. Considering the size and specifics of Swift’s Fourth of July shindig (celebrity-guest accommodations, impressive pool gear, even decorative cake-top sparklers), we’re guessing the pop star plopped down at least 10 times that to carry out her own Independence Day event.

However, you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to throw your own Swift-style bash. Turns out, the stand-out staples of the soiree (beach towels, pool inflatables, popsicles, and a flag cake) can be yours for next to nothing. Hit up your local dollar store for deals on pool- or beachside accessories and look no further than your own fridge for some star-inspired snack ingredients. Making your own festive food and favors, particularly with the help of your friends, proves that although the fun is in the details, it doesn’t have to be overly pricey.

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