NYPD Unveils Amazing Car Redesign For LGBT Pride Parade

The New York Police Department made a major statement in support of the LGBTQ community with a police car specially themed to the upcoming 2016 LGBT Pride March this Sunday. The department debuted a SUV redesigned with a rainbow theme on their official Twitter. The vehicle’s hood has been done up with rainbow insignia, with the words "pride," "equality" and "peace" emblazoned on its doors and quarter panels. The NYPD shield has been given a rainbow redesign and two heart-shaped rainbows flank it on the hood. The phrases "NYC pride 2016" and "Our [heart] goes out to Orlando" are enclosed within those heart-shaped rainbows. The move is remarkable considering the NYPD’s checkered history with the LGBTQ community, most notably at the Stonewall riots. NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said, "I don't think so" when asked if the department owed the LGBTQ community an apology for the 1969 Stonewall raids that led to the famous riots, ABC News reports. He maintained that the changes the NYPD had effected since then were apology enough, and that much “good” came from what he called a “terrible experience.” The Stonewall Inn was declared a monument to commemorate LGBTQ rights earlier Friday. The remarkable thing about the car isn't that it feels like a massive statement, though it is indeed incredible. The amazing thing is how normal it feels. The first time seeing the car, our reaction was "Oh, that makes sense." Even five years ago, something like this would have literally been unthinkable. Now the LGBTQ community has become an integral part of even governmental institutional culture in an open way that would have seemed impossible until recently. Though there's obviously still a high level of hate among certain fringe people, when the NYPD adapts their car in your support, that's progress. Check out the car below.
Twitter was, to put things mildly, less than impressed.

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