Lindsay Lohan Has Some Thoughts On The #Brexit

The U.K. has voted to leave the European Union, or, in more Twitter-friendly speak, it looks like the #Brexit is happening. To understand the nuances, or at least the frustration surrounding this decision, you might consult your favorite news outlet, or maybe an English friend. Or, you could turn to Lindsay Lohan.
Lohan tweeted her very anti-Brexit stance after the results of the vote came out last night. They've since been deleted, but Vulture managed to save a record of Lohan's political discourse. She criticized British cities that voted in favor of the Brexit, like Kettering, while praising ones that chose to #Remain, like the Shetland Islands.
Always a Mean Girl at heart, she even managed to nod to her Plastics alter-ego. She tweeted "#youcantsitwithus" to those voting to "#leave" ("for the love of #hermajestythequeen," of course). "We should all be sitting together," she added, ever Cady Heron, in all caps.
She finished her thoughts on the issues with a string of pointed hashtags, "#Remain #besmart #onelone #lovenothate #freetrade #workingclasspeople."
Though Lohan is obviously worried about the ramifications of the Brexit, it appears she's trying to look on the bright side. After deleting her collection of tweets, the star sent out one new one, with a link to a selfie celebrating a sunny Friday.

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