Who Knew Usher Had So Much Range?

It's 1998 and I'm 11 years old. I'm at the TD Garden in Boston waiting for Janet Jackson to perform as part of her Velvet Rope Tour. But first, Usher takes the stage. He's dancing on platforms. He's ripping off his shirt. This is my earliest and most distinct memory of him.
Flash-forward 18 years to a casual Friday conversation among coworkers at Refinery29. As it turns out, my vision of Usher is not the Usher everyone remembers. For some, it's all about She's All That Usher, in which he plays a high school DJ. For others, it's any time he's wearing a beanie. After much discussion, we realized there are actually so many Ushers, each with his own appeal and attitude.
Ahead, I've curated a bunch of Ushers for you to comb through. Which one speaks to you? Which one is YOUR Usher?

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