Demi Lovato Is Back On Twitter & Asking Tough Questions

It took Demi Lovato less than a day to return to Twitter after she announced she was ditching the social media platform. But Lovato hasn't returned just to put up a throwback Thursday photo. She wants to have a real talk about celebrity culture.

Lovato started a string of tweets with the following: "The world is weird. I bet our country knows more about celebrities than they know about what's happening over seas or global warming. We complain about how unfair paparazzi and tabloid rumors are but still buy the magazines to find out who's fucking who and who wore it best."

She went on to post a poll asking if Twitter users could easily name someone on the FBI's most wanted list or name a former paramour of Justin Bieber. The implication is clear — many Americans know more about celebs' personal lives than current events.
Lovato doesn't have any easy answers about what to do about the never-ending hunger for celebrity gossip, ending her train of thought with a series of rhetorical questions, "Is it our fault though? Has society fed into it or is this just easy business with everyone from blogs to magazines trying to cash in? Who's fault is it that teens can name more celebrity feuds than wars?"
At the very least, she's given her more than 36 million Twitter followers something to think about.


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