Queen Elizabeth Just Sent A Very Polite Thank You Via Twitter

It looks like everyone's favorite Googling gran is getting some competition. The polite, technophile British grandmother in question this time? It's none other than the Queen of England herself. Recently, she took to Twitter to thank her followers (both in the Twitter sense and the literal sense) for their well wishes on her 90th birthday.
At first blush, "Elizabeth R." may seem like a pretty casual sign-off. But, unlike when the rest of us scrawl an initial or two in closing ("Cheers! —Marshall B."), the "R." in question is for "Regina," as in Elizabeth the Queen, and is how she signs official documents. (So, basically, the opposite of casual.) The royal family's social media team (what a job!) followed with a picture of the Queen writing the above tweet at her desk. Like grandparents the world over, she looks pretty comfortable with an iPad.
We're so impressed with her Twitter skills, we almost missed that her actual birthday was two months ago. Though we're not actually sure what the proper etiquette is for Tweet-related thank-yous, we'll cut her majesty some slack considering she is, you know, 90 years old. While the official Royal Family Twitter account is pretty active (over 23,000 tweets to date!) this marks one of the only times the Queen has sent out a tweet personally. Her first tweet, back in 2014, was appropriately sent from an exhibition on technology and the information age.

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