Let This British Grandma Show You How To Google Politely

Few of us think about how we phrase our Google inquiries. If we want to know, for example, what the Roman numerals "MCMXVIII" translate to, we might write, "MCMXVIII in Arabic numerals." Not May Ashworth. She minded her manners by typing into the search bar, "Please translate these Roman numerals, MCMXVIII, thank you," Mashable reported. If Google servers were sentient, hers would be pleasantly surprised by the politeness.
But wait — it gets better. Fulfilling her fantasy that someone is on the other end of her searches, Google let her know that her thanks were unnecessary but, nevertheless, amusing. Plus, they answered her question.
Take a lesson from Grandma May. It never hurts to be polite, even to a machine.

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